Gyuto (Chef's Knife)

Gyuto (Chef's Knife)/Double bevel blade, used for meat, fish & vegetables has been very popular in Japan among Professionals and Households, with a wide range of different uses as well as various different Handle designs.

Typically Gyuto is made of Stainless Steel, but some variation of materials, such as mono-steel (Hagane), Warikomi (Awase method:Hagane cladded with Jigane/Soft iron or Hagane with Stainless Steel etc.)

Typical Blade Length(Households): 180 mm/7.1",210 mm/8.3" & 240 mm/9.4"
Typical Blade Length(Professionals) : 240 mm/9.4",270 mm/10.6" & 300 mm/11.8"