Sakai Takumi Ajimasa /Sakai Ajimasa 堺匠味正/堺味正

Sakai Takumi Ajimasa brand has been specialized in Japanese traditional Professional Knives, such as Deba, Yanagiba,etc.,maintaining  for over 100 years in Sakai.

Currently the 3rd master, Tsukasa Ajioka, the son of 2nd master, has taken over all Sakai Takumi Ajimasa Brand.His Knives are  well-known among Japanese Chefs of Sushi-dining and Traditional Japanese Cuisine, as Ajimasa has sought every possibilities with best technology of traditional blade polishing to realize easy-to-use, Chef’s friendly Knives for years.

They are actually having a great reputation among famous Japanese Sushi-Dining of some Michelin Guide winners!!!