Sakai Kikumori 堺菊守

Sakai knives have been evolving in the last 600 years. Now Sakai traditional knives are popular and widely known among many chefs. We will continue to develop cooking knives with skillful craftsmen. We wish to support the cooking culture by supplying knives with "Sharpness".

In Sakai, there is the traditional industry brought up by a long history,and are many companies having the advanced technology with a large share of the world market.

The Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry intends to certify the superior companies in SAKAI with SAKAI brand named “SAKAI WAZASHU” to be recognized widely not only in Japan, but also throughout the world which would most likely lead to image enhancement and economic development of the whole area along with an outcome of loving community.

In April, 2011, Kawamura Hamono(official brand name: Sakai Kikumori) received the certification of this Sakai brand “ SAKAI WAZASHU”. (Certification number 0075)