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CROWN SHARP Whetstone for High Quality Stainless Steel

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CROWN SHARP Whetstone for High Quality Stainless Steel blade 
This Whetstone, developed for high quality Stainless Steel Knives, is made of high purity Alumina Oxide as main components. Special technique applied including binding agent to maintain Great Sharpness and beautiful Finish, similar to that of Natural Whetstone.

4 variations of Grit available on sale ;
C-3 (Coarse #320)
C-6 (Medium #600)
C-15 (Finish #1500)
C-30 (High Quality Finishing #3000)

Applicable Blade High Quality Stainless Steel
(including ZDP189, VG-10, Yasuki Silver 3, etc.)

C-3 (Coarse #320)
C-6 (Medium #600)
C-15 (Finish #1500)
C-30 (High Quality Finishing #3000)

Size(of Stone) 8.1"(205 mm) x 2.6"(65 mm) x H. 1.3"(32 mm)
Weight app. 1000 grams
  • Sharpen on Gray side (Sharpening side). Don't sharpen on back side  (Green or Gray Base side) . * Refer to last two images.
  • After use, please don’t put it into water for a long time. This Whetstone gradually becomes soluble and soft and this may cause become out of use.
  • After use, wipe it by dry cloth, etc.to remove moisture and keep it in the shade with less moisture.
  • Due to acid characteristics, not suitable for Carbon Steel blade. Using this Whetstone may cause any rust or discoloration.
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