Kiritsuke Style Knife

Kiritsuke Style Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife), single bevel blade. Known as,"Yanagi Kiritsuke" or "Kiritsuke Yanagai" in the market. The blade tip is extremely sharp and slanted like Kiritsuke Knives.

This knife is basically categorized into Yanagiba(Sashimi Knife), but also suitable for delicate work for small tasks, such as vegetables,etc.

On the other hand, Kiritsuke Knife has mainly been used in the Kanto(East) region of Japan. Many use it in lieu of both Yanagiba and Usuba, While it is used as a general purpose knife, due to its straight edge it is also suitable to precisely cut a type of food used in some Japanese sweets, such as Kanten or gelatin cured in a mold normally containing fruits or beans.